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Bridging the Gulf

Changing the way Ontarians commute will cut oil demand, protect the environment and save money

Published Aug 19, 2010

By Cherise Burda, Alison Bailie, Graham Haines

Bridging the Gulf highlights the connection between the choices made by commuters in Ontario, and the negative impacts of oil extraction in North America in light of the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and ongoing ecological impacts from oil sands development. It focuses exclusively on personal transportation — how Ontarians get around every day — and presents five key actions to reduce oil demand based on policy changes that are already underway in the province.

The total amount of oil leaked by BP's Deepwater Horizon oil well could have fueled 20 per cent of Ontario's vehicles for the duration of the spill. Pembina's proposed five actions can save that same amount of oil and more. In 10 years, the recommended policy changes would keep $1 billion per year in the province — money that is currently spent on oil imports, but instead could be invested in jobs, transit or technology.  

Download the preliminary report.

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