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Clearing the Air on Oil Sands Myths

The Spin, the Plain Facts and the Full Story

There is simply no denying it: oil sands operations have major impacts on land, air and water. In an era when climate change is threatening to fundamentally change the planet, it is critical to understand the full environmental and social costs of these projects. Our ability to make good decisions depends on it.

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Get the full story

Clearing the Air on Oil Sands Myths provides the full context and facts about oil sands development with concise, referenced information on its environmental impacts.

You can also read the letter sent to Canadian and U.S. politicians alerting them to the availability of this new resource.


Why do we need to clear the air on oil sands myths?

  • Facts matter.
    Canadians and international observers alike need to have the full story about the environmental implications of oil sands development to arrive at an informed opinion.
  • The issues are complex.
    We need to expose the full context of oil sands development to get a true understanding of its impacts on air, land and water.
  • Downplaying the risks is irresponsible.
    Responsible development can occur only if the governments of Alberta and Canada and the oil sands industry first acknowledge the issues and then implement policies, regulations and approaches to address them.