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Featured Reports and Documentaries

The Canadian Oil Boom
Robert Kunzig, National Geographic, March 2009
Once considered too expensive, as well as too damaging to the land, exploitation of Alberta's oil sands is now a gamble worth billions: National Geographic explores.


Alberta's Oilsands: Black gold or black eye?
CBC, February 2009
A series exploring the top 5 reasons Alberta's oil sands are considered dirty and whether it's black gold or just Alberta's black eye.


Shifting Sands: Special Series on Oil Sands
Globe and Mail, January 2008
A series featuring articles, commentary, and the award winning photography of Edward Burtynsky.


Leslie Iwerks, Babelgum Productions, 2008
This Academy Award nominated documentary is an eye-opening investigation into oil sands including interviews discussing the environmental, economic and health issues surrounding the oil sands development.


Ölsand - Kanadas schwarzes Gold
February 2009 (in German)
A German television documentary, Abenteuer Wissen on the oil sands.