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Oil Sands Resources

Here are a some good online resources that provide background information about the oil sands.

Centre for Energy — This website provides a comprehensive and technical overview of the oil sands resource including geology, production technologies, end products and marketing.

Alberta Energy — A Government of Alberta website that provides general information about the oil sands resource, production trends and a promotional video.

Government of Alberta's proposed "Mineable Oil Sands Strategy (MOSS)" — A Government of Alberta website with links to its proposed Mineable Oil Sands Strategy and supporting documents that clearly depict the government's focus on resource exploitation.

National Energy Board - Oil Sands publications — Provides links to a number of NEB publications on oil sands, including a comprehensive 2004 report that includes production projections to 2015 and an overview of the oil sands resource, production technologies, markets and general information on environmental impacts.

Alberta Chamber of Resources - Oil Sands Technology Roadmap — Provides an overview of the technological innovation that will be required for oil sands production to reach five million barrels per day by 2030.

Strategy West Inc. — Strategy West maintains an up-to-date list of oil sands projects at their website.

Climate Change Resources

Growing greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels are making it very challenging for Canada to meet its obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 6% below 1990 levels by 2012 under the Kyoto Protocol. Here are a few links to good online resources on Climate Change:

Pembina's re-energy.ca Websitewww.re-energy.ca features renewable energy projects you can build to learn about renewable energy. Teach, build, learn is the mantra of this very popular website and program for students and young people.

Pembina's Renewable Energy Website re.pembina.org is Pembina's Renewable Energy (RE) topic site. Here you will find information about the global transition to renewables and the status of Canada's involvement to date. You will also learn about the sources and benefits of RE, and what you can do today to join in the transition to a sustainable energy future.

Pembina's GreenLearning.ca Website

www.greenlearning.ca has a great resource on the science and policies of climate change in Canada. It features content of national interest. It's all part of an environmental education program designed for students and schools across Canada.

One Less Tonne Websitewww.onelesstonne.ca is an interactive tool that helps you discover ways to reduce your greehouse gas emissions, and commit to actions that will help you play an important role in this global effort.


Pembina Climate Change Publications Pembina Climate Change Publications: We have a number of publications on the topic of climate change published by the Pembina Institute.

Washington Post Slide Show

Canada's oil sands industry has captured the attention of US media outlets such as the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Boston Globe and 60 Minutes, both as a large supply of crude oil and for the environmental implications of the huge mining projects in northern Alberta.

Here is a short slide show published by the Washington Post in June 2005. Click to view slide show:

Washington Post