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The Pembina Institute is actively working to reduce the impacts of oil sands and other conventional fossil fuel developments. We also hope to help Canada secure a National Renewable Energy Strategy that specifically sets a plan in place to transition to a sustainable energy future. Join the revolution for a clean, green, sustainable energy future!

One Quarter of Alberta Could Be Mined or Drilled for Oil Sands with Major Impacts to Boreal Forest, Water, Air and Climate

Take ActionWhat should Alberta look like during and after oil sands development? Are you worried about water, the boreal forest or sky-rocketing greenhouse gas pollution?

The Oil Sands Multi-stakeholder Committee has been formed to lead a public consultation on the development of oil sands.

Have your say at one of the seven public consultation sessions across Alberta. Take action today!

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Take ActionWhen you purchase Wind Power Certificates from Pembina, you personally offset some of the environmental impacts associated with your energy usage - and support sustainable energy from wind.

For more information, see our Wind Power website.

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