Letter to the Oil Sands Consultations Panel: Final Comments
Published: Oct 4, 2006

An Oil Sands Multi-stakeholder Committee was formed to lead a public consultation on the development of oil sands. Seven public input sessions were held across Alberta from September 13 to October 4, 2006 and people from across Canada and internationally were invited to send their concerns by email to the Panel. Pembina experts presented at five of the seven sessions (listed below). This final letter to the Panel summarizes Pembina's presentations.

Sept 27, The Need to Revise Alberta's Royalty Regime-Amy Taylor
Sept 26, Industry and Government Accountability-Marlo Raynolds
Sept 19, The Risks of the Fast Pace of Development-Dan Woynillowicz
Sept 14, The Environmental Consequences of Deep Oil Sands Development-Simon Dyer
Sept 13, The Risks of Unlimited Water Use by the Oil Sands Industry-Mary Griffiths

The final letter can be downloaded below.


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Topic Area: Oil Sands